Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Soccer Specific Strength & Conditioning Clinic (Group 2)

Due to the interest I have received, Synergistic Effects has opened up an additional HIGH SCHOOL BOYS SOCCER SPECIFIC STRENGTH & CONDITIONING CLINIC!  This 6 week semi-private clinic is designed to work core strength, explosive power, & agility through the introduction of kettlebell training, Olympic lifting techniques, traditional weight training, TRX suspension training & plyometrics.  This clinic is SPECIFICALLY designed for maximal development of biomotor skills for soccer athletes.  With this 1:6 trainer to athlete ratio, careful attention will be given to each athlete ensuring correct biomechanics as your athlete develops proper lifting technique for a lifelong skillset.  Not only does this type of training increase sport performance, it also decreases risk of injury in sport.

Why six weeks?  It is to take advantage of the 6 week neural adaptation that occurs for maximal initial strength gains to any new strength program.  I use a scientific evidence based approach to all programming and want to give athletes the best possible results.  After graduating from the initial 6 week clinic, 4 week clinics will be made available for experienced athletes who want additional programming. All progress will be carefully charted and documented.  Athletes will learn proper training periodization cycles for lifting and progressing. Focus will also be given to teaching athletes sports nutrition practices on how to fuel for workouts, as well as fuel for recovery for maximal muscle resynthesis.  SPACE IS LIMITED!


When:  Mondays & Thursdays @ 5:30-6:30pm

Dates:   2/18-4/4  (No training Spring Break March 18 & 21)

***(I realize the outdoor soccer training schedule has not been released yet.  S & C will compliment practice and will not conflict.  I will update the clinic days & times when the soccer schedule is published.)***

Location:  Synergistic Effects Indoor Facility

Cost:  $360

Max Clinic Size:  Min 4/Max 6 Athletes

Bring:  Water bottle, CLEAN indoor soccer flats/running shoes, sweat towel

Please make sure athlete's bring CLEAN athletic shoes for their indoor workouts! Thanks so much for your help to keep our facility clean!

(Additional clinics can be made available on request if enough interest.)

Contact Kari at to sign up or for more information!

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